Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Tessa

IMG_0125 Yesterday was Tessa's 1st birthday!  We aren't really going to celebrate it until Becky comes home.  But, we just had to do something, so I went out and got a Carvel ice cream cake.  She loves ice cream (uh, so do I).  Mom-Mom, Drew and I sang (actually Drew refused to sing).

 Yesterday on the way home from buying Tessa's cake I asked Drew if he wanted Mommy to come home.  I was trying to get out of him how he was feeling.  He instantly and emphatically said no, and started screaming and crying.  This was not the response I expected!  Through his tears, he kept saying he did not want her to come home because the big car and the 2 cars are going to crash into Mommy's car.  I have no idea where this came from.  He kept going on and on about the crashing cars.  "No no no, I don't want mommy to come home."

When we walked in the door at home, Becky was on the phone.  I asked if he wanted to talk to her and he started sobbing and squealing again.  We tried to talk to Becky, but he just couldn't talk through the tears.  I think Becky was a little upset as she hung up saying she didn't want to hear him crying. 

Luckily, once Drew calmed down (while he was eating his ice cream) we convinced him to talk to Mommy.  I called her on our missionary's cell phone.  They had a good conversation.  Whew.

Pray for us, Drew's head and heart is all messed up.


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