Monday, January 28, 2008

God Arise...

We listen to a lot of Chris Tomlin and David Crowder Band in the car.  Drew knows one of the songs "How Great is Our God" is "his" song (from his birth video) and that one of the Crowder songs "Come and Listen" is Tessa's song and he always requests them that way.  "Mommy, play Tessa's song."  He also has a song that's Daddy's song, although I have no idea where he got that one!  He and Tessa go crazy when Chris Tomlin's "God Arise" come on!  In fact, Drew requests it almost every time we get in the car. Tessa kicks her legs and wags her head back and forth like a crazy lady the minute the first guitar chords start to play and Drew will shout out "God Arise!!  Mommy, you play guitar and I'll play the drums!"  I'm sure it's quite a sight to see us rocking out in the car if your were to drive by us!

The best part for me is seeing my kids love music and even better, worship God right along with me.  At this point, Tessa is just dancing, but it amazes me how many of the words Drew knows.  Just think of what they are learning about God!  Drew knows the chorus to "God Arise" very well:

"Our God, is a God who saves!  Our God is a God who saves!

Let God arise! Let God arise!

Our God reigns now and forever!  He reigns now and forever!"

The other day it just touched me heart to hear him singing right along to the next song that follows "God Arise"  on the CD, "Everlasting God."

"You are the everlasting God!  The everlasting God!  You do not faint, you won't grow weary.  Your the defender of the weak.  You comfort those in need.  You lift us up on wings like eagles."

What's cool is that Drew will hear a song he doesn't know very well and ask me, "Mommy, what's this song about?"  I'm getting pretty good at summarizing and simplifying the message of songs so a 2-year-old can understand.

I like to think that our crazy singing and dancing "God Arise" moments put a smile on God's face and that He enjoys it as much as we do!


Friday, January 25, 2008

Paternal Prowess...

I love being a Daddy, but it doesn't always go smoothly...

While Becky has been working the last 2 days, (Wednesday night and Thursday day), I had more responsibility for the kids.  Wednesday night I took the kids to church and then home to bed by myself and then the following morning I got them ready and got them to the sitters by myself.  Here is a quick report with special attention to my fatherly prowess.

We got all the way into church (no small distance at a church the size of ours), late I might add, and I realized I left one of their bags (with sippy) in the car.  Argh.  Going through the line for dinner (cafeteria style) was manageable at best.  But then carrying the tray with 3 plates including drinks while pushing a stroller and pretending to be a sheep dog keeping drew heading in the right direction while greeting others was a challenge.  Thanks to Jason for the pat on the back to say hi while I was walking, that almost sent our dinner to the floor!  As soon as we schlepped all the way to the other side of the room to eat and sat down, Drew announced he had to go pee pee.  I probably should have thought of that first.  Perfect timing as always.  I left Tessa with someone I knew (sort of, Lord forgive me) and took him.  Don't tell anyone, but I almost didn't wash his hands, but then realized he would tell the whole table that he didn't wash his hands, and that wouldn't have gone over well.  Oh, the glass menagerie we live in!  Yeah, I remember, cleanliness is next to godliness.  No problem.  Then, getting them to eat was a saga in and of itself.  Only French Fries and Lemonade for Tessa, oh well, at least she ate something.  Dropping them off to nursery was a fiasco.  Beepers, tags, signing in, getting bags out of the car, clingy Tessa, I didn't do well....  wow...

Then yesterday morning I apparently took drew to the sitters with no underpants on!  The sitter was obviously very confused and convinced of my fatherly prowess.

I am trying, but I have a lot to learn!  Thank goodness for an amazing Mommy that keeps the kids and I under control!

Anyone feel my pain?



I don't care what your political mind set might be, this is both funny and creepy...

Thanks for the smile, Tom!



Saturday, January 19, 2008

Think I will go to the ER?

Today, Becky is working from 8-6, and I get to have the kids all to myself.  My recent track record for watching the kids for the day has not been good.

Recently I went to Fellowship Park at our church (McGregor Baptist Church) for a little photoshoot, thought I would share some of my pics...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Casting Cares...

1, what a book.  Getting up early and spending time in Scripture, not a whole lot better than that.

My Word for my day...  "Cast all your anxieties on Him, and He will..."

What a promise that I can cling to today, and everyday.  On several occasions in Scripture this promise is delivered.  We can know, that he will do "his work".

Today, I will be "casting".  You?


Monday, January 14, 2008

I think I want a Fisker...

Fisker Karma designSince I have recently been so interested in green tech, I think I might want one of these.  Do you think 3 car seats will fit?

This past week...

I have been so inconsistent in blogging these past few weeks.  I guess I would have to say that when you become burdened, some things of less importance tend to fall off the radar.   This past week or so was full of...

Being sick, yuck

CES Overload (Not to Mention Engadget)...I love gadgets, but can I just say there is so much useless gadgetry out there!?  The good things I saw were Flytunes!  Radio for the iPhone and I saw a note saying that finally 3rd Party apps coming ton iPhone in Feb.

Computer Headaches.  We bought a new computer.  Our old one just crashed too many times.  I ran out of Band-Aids!  We bought a refurbished dell that is working nicely.

Politics.  I have been following, and have watched all of the debates.  Some day I will comment more, but that is for later...  Let's just say that politics both interests me and irritates me.  Then again, isn't that the same for all of us?

Church.  It was great to be at church yesterday.  I love the community of our Sunday School Class.  I love "Worship in the Hall".

Bookkeeping.  I am temporarily doing the bookkeeping for RMI.  Pray for sanity, patience and an extra 4 hours in my day.

Today I get back on the wagon in terms of beating my addiction, food.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Becky's Edit to the Post Below

I know! I know!  The video is so corny you may not make it thru to the end!  If you can't just fast forward to the end part-- that's the part you don't want to miss!


Warning, Extremely Corny...but life changing.

We sent this to our family on Christmas day.  We know, this is extremely corny, our whole family has been sure to tell us!  But, it is "our" (Becky was a good sport about it) creative means of delivering our special Christmas message. 


Rob (and Becky)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Daddy, it's very cold...

Last week it was 85 and we were on the beach.  This morning we woke up it was 29.  Drew and Tessa are very confused.  Drew asked me to turn on the wipers in the car because it was so cold.  He just doesn't know what to make of this cold.  Drew was so cold this morning, that without any prompting from us he put socks on his hands for gloves.  Their sweatshirts are not really cutting the cold.

Here are some pics to show how cold it is...  Why is there ice?  Well, the sprinklers systems came on.  Yes, we are still sprinkling and mowing.  Thank goodness that this afternoon will be back up into the 60's and by Sunday it will be back up into the 80's.

Don't you feel bad for us?