Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just Like Daddy and Rainbows

Drew wants to be just like Daddy these days.  Whatever Daddy is doing, he has to do it with him.  They call it “man work.”  This weekend they spent outside weeding all the shrub beds and planting some more plants.  That was no easy feat considering that everyday here is what we say 90-90.  That’s 90 degrees, 90 percent humidity.   We have a list of things to do before the baby comes and Rob and Drew worked so hard to knock some things off the list.  This weekend, they are going to re-mulch all of the shrub beds.  Rob has a great work ethic that he learned from his father and it’s fun to see him passing that on to Drew.

Here’s a few pics of the kids after they got their hands on Daddy’s sunglasses…



Last night Rob took both kids out to the garage to get out all the baby gear and do some organizing.  An afternoon of thunderstorms had just passed through (as they do every afternoon here during rainy season) and Rob called me outside to see a double rainbow.  Both rainbows were complete from end to end, but by the time I got the camera, the top one was mostly gone.  These pics don’t do it justice, but I wanted to share them anyway.  It was beautiful.  Drew says, “Mommy, Mommy, God sent us a beautiful rainbow!” and Tessa said “me-mow” (her word for rainbow) all night.  We really are spoiled here.  We see them all the time, especially during rainy season.

IMG_5348 IMG_5349

Tessa insisted on wearing Drew’s bike helmet the entire time they were out in the garage.  It was too funny!  Here’s some pics of brother and sister—I hope they always love each other as much as they do now.  The last one was hard to catch!

IMG_5356 IMG_5359


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