Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Must Read Post from RMI

foodforpoor Recently, RMI President Dan Shoemaker, and one of RMI’s Sister Church Pastors, Pastor Jim Bry, from Second Cape May Baptist Church, visiting Haiti to distribute food to the poor.  Read about it here.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Very frustrated and disappointed with DirecTv…

DirecTv, please help me out!

Here is my story…

I just called to cancel our service since we are moving to Haiti to serve with RMI.

They tell me that I have a commitment with DirecTv through April 2011.  I had no idea!

In fact, I can tell you, I was totally convinced that we had no contract.  I wish I could remember what they told me in the beginning, word for word.  I can’t be absolutely certain, but I am quite confident I asked specifically because I was in no position to sign a 2 year contract.   I knew in March/April that our move to Haiti was quite possible. I never would have knowingly done it.  Not asking about a commitment would have been pretty dumb on my part!  We signed up for DirecTv in April of this year. 

DirecTv doesn’t even offer service in Haiti, yet they want me to pay for service.  Ugh.

I called them today, spoke with a customer service rep, Eduardo, then I spoke with his Manager, Ray, and they both tell me there is nothing they can do.  Really?  Nothing they can do?  Hard to believe.  They told me I can write a letter to corporate.  I will.

So, I am told I have to pay $20/month until April 2011.  That’s about $340 to cancel!  Wow…

I am so disappointed with DirecTv!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

He’s Surprising Us!

It seems to me that Braden is doing new things every day!  He is our third child, so we shouldn’t be surprised when he does, right?  After all, we are supposed to remember what Drew and Tessa did at 16 months of age; be prepared.  The truth is, I forget a lot, and Braden is different from his brother and sister. 

New words have been spilling out of Braden’s mouth.  His latest are “car” (cah) and “more” (ma).  Anything with wheels is a car.  He’s trying so hard to communicate and gets really frustrated when he can’t.  That’s very different than Drew and Tessa. 

So the other day at lunch he was pointing and saying “ma, ma, ma” and we just couldn’t figure out what he wanted.  He was getting really mad too!  More milk?  No, cause he threw it when we handed it to him.  More goldfish?  No, he angrily pushed them all off his tray. “Ma, ma, ma…”  Everything we could think of he got mad when we gave it to him.  There was a fork on the table and Rob said, “maybe he wants a fork?”  So Rob went to the drawer and got out a kid fork and handed it to Braden.  He proceeds to poke his watermelon with the fork and starts using it like he’s been doing it for months.  I think he ate the rest of his lunch with his fork!

Sunday, we were pretty lazy after lunch and didn’t clean up the table right away.  A little while later we catch Braden holding his bowl with the rest of his yogurt from lunch and eating it with a spoon.  All by himself. 

I think he thinks he’s a big boy!


I’ve got to include some pics of his newest skill, plus an extra one just because it’s cute!

IMG_1504  IMG_1503




Monday, December 7, 2009

Here We Go!

The container arrived today and reality is suddenly starting to set in.  In 2 weeks, that container will be driven to Miami and sent to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti with pretty much all of our earthly belongings.  I won’t see anything in it until mid-March.  Actually, I’m praying we see it again and hoping it’s out of customs by March!


For months we’ve been talking about moving to Haiti and working hard to raise the funds to go.  We’ve made good progress in the fundraising, enough to ship the container, and we are trusting God that the rest of the needed monthly support and one-time support comes in.  But here is where it gets real.  Here is where we begin the real journey of stepping out in faith.  Here is where we put our faith into action.  We are about to move out of our home, and live out of suitcases for the next 3 months.  There’s no turning back.  I’ve given notice at my job.  I’m about to give up the comfort of added income. 

A year ago I would have never imagined we would be getting ready to move overseas.  Sure, it had always been a thought in the back of our minds, but here we are, getting ready to go.  In Henry Blackaby’s study entitled “Experiencing God” he says, “We say that Christ is Lord, and He can interrupt our plans anytime He wants.  We assume He will affirm everything we are doing and never ask us to change anything we have planned.”   We are confident that the Lord has called us to take this new step in our journey of faith.  He has interrupted our plans.  And that’s ok.  I don’t want to go thru life following my plans.  I only want to be where He wants me. 

I don’t want you to get the idea that I think this is going to be easy.  I realize more and more every day that this is going to be hard.   Each step gets harder.  My trust is in Him who sends me.  He has given me a wonderful husband, and we get to do this together.  Pray for us over these next 6 months as we transition our family to a new way of life.  Pray for courage as each step takes us closer to serving in Haiti.