Saturday, November 26, 2011

We Need Your Help to Finish Strong.

imageWe just sent out an email to our list of friends, family and supporters.  If you didn’t see it, you can subscribe to our list here.  You may also see this email online here.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday vs. Bleak Poverty

Frenzied pursuit of stuff with the reality of extreme poverty.  Black Friday vs. Bleak Poverty  The shopping is in my face online, the extreme poverty is in view from my back yard.  I can’t quite figure it out.  I don’t want to simply throw America (other nations for sure too) under the bus, but it just doesn’t seem right.

My only prayer is that you/I will seek God’s direction to live biblically in your/my context. Pursue him and his values.  How does he want you/me to live?  Are we being good stewards of our blessings/resources?


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tarzan and Jane…

Our thatched-roof gazebo has been in need of a re-thatching for a long time.  Lots of holes.  They usually need to be replaced every two years.  On Monday, a worker came to take the old thatch down.  Tomorrow, he is is redoing it.  Here is what our gazebo looks like right now:









Well, today Drew and Tessa found where he put all the old thatch.  Right off the side of our cliff, under a huge tree, that has huge vines that the kids like to swing on.  They’ve never swung off the cliff on these vines before, mind you, but put the old thatch roof in a pile right under these vines… well, it didn’t take them long to start cliff jumping and vine swinging.

Here is a good picture of the tree and the cliff with a nice bed of straw underneath:


Here are some action shots of Tarzan (aka:Drew) and Jane (aka:Tessa) and friends.

First, ‘Jane’, who I couldn’t believe was jumping and swinging with no fear.  Not her typical personality to let go!




And ‘Tarzan’, who is often looking for adventure, as long as he thinks he is in control.  This is the same kid who really hates amusement park rides (I think because he’s not in control of what happens) but loves seeing how high he can climb a tree.




Some friends got in on the action, including the dog.













3-year-old thatch isn’t exactly clean.  The kids were coated in dirt when they were finished.  But, they sure had fun! 












Tomorrow is a Haitian holiday, so the kids have no school.  Let’s see how many times I need to put them in the shower.  Oh, and please Braden, don’t get any ideas that you are big enough to try this!