Sunday, August 26, 2012

Provisional Report on Tropical Storm Isaac Damage…

isaac7Reports are coming in from our Sister Churches.  As additional reports comes in, we will post them.

General Statement - Tropical Storm Isaac passed to the East of all of our Partnership Communities.  The heaviest wind and rain was on the East of the storm (toward Port au Prince).  Therefore, our Partnership Communities were spared from more serious damage.  Of course, this means that many to our East were hit, especially those living in tent/shack communities still from the earthquake.

Having said this, after the eye of the storm passed, heavy rains fell throughout the South, Grand Anse, and Nippes regions, the regions where our Partnership Communities are located.  We are hearing reports of swollen rivers, and the flooding of the most vulnerable low lying areas.  Higher and generally less vulnerable areas have not been affected.

Baradere – Pastor has reported significant flooding in the town.  The road to Baradere is cut off. Many people had to evacuate to other areas, and some have lost animals.  As far as we know, there has been no loss of human life.  The pastor’s house is currently a shelter for about 45 people.  8 families plus his own.  3 of these families lost animals, and 2 of these families lost their rice crop.

Cotes de Fer -  Pastor Robin is not in the area due to his wedding, but we were able to be in touch with a church member.  We are told the town was flooded, with water inside houses, but not inside the church property, church, or Pastor’s home.  Some members in the church were affected by the flood. There were no animals lost, but there was crop damage, specifically plantain trees.  These plantain trees came down with the wind.

You can read a “initial report from the Haitian Government by region” here.  Geographic notes:  Comments for the South, Grand Anse and Nippes are related to our Partnership Communities.  “Petit-Trou” is 20 minutes from Anse au Veau.  Some of our Partnership Communities are mentioned. 

To see an interactive map with everything related to RMI, including the path of Isaac, click here.

Again, as other reports come available, they will be posted.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

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