Wednesday, June 1, 2016

USA, Here We Come!

It's that time again: time to head to the States for Home Assignment (aka Furlough). Every 2 years we are given 3 months to head back to the States. What?! A three-month vacation you say? Not so fast! Yes, we are excited because we have vacation time planned out during these three months, but most of you know it's much more than that. We'll be visiting supporters, visiting our doctors for biannual check-ups, speaking in various supporting churches, spending quality time with our families (who sacrifice the most because we live in Haiti) and yes, having dedicated vacation time to spend as a family of five.

This past year has been especially exhausting. Both Rob and I have had additional responsibilities placed on us that have stretched us beyond capacity. We feel stretched thin. We'd love an opportunity to share with you this summer how God has been working in our lives, hearts, family and ministry over the past two years. More than ever, we need a break from the daily grind of living and serving in Haiti.

We fly to FL this Wednesday, June 1st, and return to Haiti on Tuesday, August 30th. Here is our schedule. We really hope we have a chance to connect with you if we are in your area!
  • June 1-24 in SW Florida
  • June 24 to July 1: NY/PA road trip
  • July 1- August 1: in NJ
  • August 1 to 5 or 6: drive from NJ to NW Suburbs of Chicago
  • Aug 6-15 in Chicago
  • Aug 15-18, drive to TN, supporter visits along the way in TN and GA
  • Aug 18-25 Family Vacation in TN
  • Aug 25-26, drive back to NJ
  • Aug 26-29 In NJ
  • Aug 29-30 fly from Philly to Port au Prince
If you are in the Florida, New Jersey, or the Chicago area, make sure you read our other posts for more detailed information and opportunities to connect!
Hope to see you soon!

For Our SW Florida Friends

Our first stop on this 3 month Home Assignment will be June 1-24 in the Ft. Myers area of Florida. We will use this time for doctor appointments, working in the RMI US office, shopping for supplies, and visiting with friends and supporters.

We will worship at our home church, McGregor Baptist (MBC), on June 5th, 12th and 19th. We are very excited to be the featured missionaries this year at MBC's VBS. From June 13-17, well be sharing our ministry in Haiti with the kids at VBS each night.

We are also looking forward to seeing you! Please let us know if there is a time we can get together for a meal, coffee or just to hang out. We want to see you!

On a personal side, we are really looking forward to a short family vacation in the Ocala area from June 7-11. We anticipate a time to relax and enjoy time spent as a family. We are also very excited to head to Miami on June 23rd to take the kids to their first Cubs game!

For Our South Jersey Friends

One of the reasons we look forward to time in South Jersey is that we get to eat subs and Herr's Sour Cream and Onion chips! Ha! A close second is spending time with family and friends. We will be in South Jersey July 1-31. We are really excited to reserve some dedicated time to spend with our family and our kids are super excited to spend time with their cousins. July 1-8 is specifically reserved for time with Rob's side of the family. We also have 7 days peppered throughout this month reserved for Becky's side of the family.
We'd love to see you if you are in South Jersey! Let us know some dates you are free to get together and we will let you know when we are free.
If you are a member of one of our supporting churches, we hope to connect when we worship together. Here is a schedule of the Sundays in July and where we will be:
  • July 3: Wellspring Church, Mays Landing
  • July 10: Linwood Community Church, Linwood
  • July 17: Heavenward Christian Fellowship, Galloway
  • July 24: Beacon Church, Galloway
  • July 31: Second Cape May Baptist, Marmora
We have an urgent need that we are hoping you or someone you know might be able to help us with. We are in need of a reliable vehicle that fits our family for the month of August (specifically the 1st to the 26th ) to drive from NJ to Chicago to TN and back to NJ. We'd love to hear from you if you can help us in this area.  Rob is hoping for a sports car, but anything will do!

For Our Friends in the NW Suburbs of Chicago…

It's been four years since we've visited and we are very excited to see you! We hope to arrive August 5th or 6th and we will depart August 15th. We plan to worship at The Orchard: AH Campus on August 7thand the Barrington Campus on August 14th.

Can You Help? 
There are so many of you that we count as faithful supporters, and we really want to see you all, but we are concerned there is not enough time to see everyone. We really want to connect with as many of you as possible. Might you be willing to host or plan an open house at your home or central location for a group of friends/supporters? Please let us know. In July, we will start sending you individual emails to see if we can find a slot to get together.

Save the Date: Saturday, August 13
Do you know that RMI partners with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)? We are their Distribution Partner in the Southern Haiti area. We are very excited to have planned to volunteer at the FMSC Packing Center in Libertyville from 9 to 11 am.  We are hoping many of our friends and supporters will join us with your families to help pack meals together. If you already know you can join us, click here to sign up. We will send a separate email invite later this month as well. We are looking forward to this opportunity to serve together!  Does anyone have an idea where we can all have lunch together afterward in that area?  

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