Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Get 2 Work...

Am I worshiping my work, or is my work an extension of my God-directed worship?  How about you?

Worship is an "expression of the heart, mind and soul born out of reverence and admiration that reveals and celebrates greatness".  Reference: Thompson Unabridged Dictionary

Let's not disconnect our work from our mission of worship.  Let's make sure our worship is vertical, not horizontal, and not directed at the interminable pursuit of self.

This admonition applies equally to those in "full time ministry", those "in the business world", stay at home moms and dads, retired, students, teachers, engineers, artists, etc. We all just as easily take our eye off the purpose of our existence.  When we take our eye off the ball, we swing/kick and miss.  We get sidetracked from the mission and spend countless hours in empty pursuits.

As fellow believers, we are all on the same mission.  Let's not allow ourselves to get consumed by the work, let's rather allow ourselves to be consumed in our worship.

Now, let's GET TO WORK...


p.s.  Thanks for reading.  Frankly, I write out of personal process, conviction, learning, and challenge.  If no others read, that's ok, for I have succeeded at recording my own wanderings and wonderings.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Fear and Worry...

Confession:  I've struggled with fear and worry my whole life.  I am an expert (tongue in cheek) and can certify that...

Fear/worry steals.
Fear/worry blinds.
Fear/worry kills.
Fear/worry distracts.
Fear/worry deceives.
Fear/worry devours.
Fear/worry binds.
Fear/worry exploits.
Fear/worry ignores truth.
Fear/worry prevents.
Fear/worry consumes.

These 2 destroyers are in cooperation.  Fear fuels worry.  Without fear, worry is dead.

Fear. Where does fear come from? Fear comes from misplaced self oriented earthly desire and concern.  Dousing the fire that fear desires is only possible when we recognize fear and choose to center our will upon God's eternal purposes.  Ignoring and allowing fear to take up residence is not without consequence.  Surrendering to a God who wholly knows us and completely loves us and wants what is best for us frees us from the power of fear.

Worry. Worry is trouble-centered frenetic mental and emotional calisthenics fueled by fear.  Rather, trust is God-centered quiet resolve, anchored and fueled by the knowledge and surrender to God's character and will.

The Truth... "We will not fear though the earth gives way. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Be still and know that I am God. Seek first the Kingdom of God. Fear not. Stand Firm. The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent".  (Psalm 46, Psalm 23, Exodus 14, Matthew 6)

Resolution. Today, I choose to not fear and to not worry.  I choose to stand firm in quiet resolution.  I choose to think eternally.  I choose to focus on what God is doing, not on what my flesh thinks he should be doing.  No matter what lies ahead, I will trust and follow.  I am willing to go anywhere, do anything, be anyone in and for Christ because He is greater, higher, bigger and stronger than anything I fear.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

On Being ONE…

one mosaicIf we expect to be one, than there must be uncommon behavior intentionally applied.  Common vision, purpose and goals requires uncommon teachability, eagerness for harmony, admiration of other’s gifts, and meekness.
I am speaking about T.E.A.M.
  • Teachability - “Never be wise in your own sight.” Rom 12:16
  • Eagerness for Harmony – “Live in harmony with one another” Rom 12:16
  • Admiration of Other’s Gifts – “Outdo one another in showing honor.” Rom 12:10
  • Meekness – “Do not be haughty” Rom 12:16
If we expect to be ONE TEAM, one body, one family, we must intentionally act in unnatural uncommon ways.  Sadly, a flesh filled, all-too-common pompous and unyielding inability to listen and learn, lazy acceptance of discord, blindness to the gifting of others, and self righteousness are our pitfalls.  We are quick to speak (teach) and slow to listen (learn) to other perspectives. When don’t understand that unity follows harmony, not the other way around. We compare ourselves to others and tend to focus on our strengths and other’s weaknesses.  We tend to think much too much about ourselves.  We are intransigent.

Let’s listen and learn.  Let’s make sweet music by embracing our differences.  Let’s celebrate one another.  Let’s first consider others before ourselves. These are the characteristics that will drive us and bind us together (convergence).