Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol

I hate to admit it, but Becky and I watch it regularly via dvr.  We can't stand some of the fluff, so dvr is the only way to watch it. 

Did you see last night?  First of all, Doolittle (representing Christ by the way) certainly should win, but that is not what has got me all irritated today.  Did you hear the song Blake sang?  I am embarrassed to say that at first, I found myself enjoying the song.  But, then when Becky rewound it, and I listened to the words, I was horrified, angry, disappointed, ashamed, and maybe most of all, saddened.  I feel like the good of what "Idol Gives Back" was doing, was somewhat negated in my spirit.

He sang Lennon's, "Imagine".  I know I am showing my musical ignorance, but I have never listened to the words of that song.  How empty.  How dark.  How hopeless.  How humanity centered.  How lost.  So many people sang along, so many buy right into that "imagination".  Italics mine...

Imagine there's no Heaven (no thanks)
It's easy if you try (no, not really, no one can deny the reality)
No hell below us (well, wouldn't that be peachy)
Above us only sky (what does that mean?)
Imagine all the people (the world is lost)
Living for today (ah, just what we need!)

And it goes on, and on, and on...

Blake, I have rooted for you from the beginning, and I love you, but there is something else to imagine.  Not only to imagine, but to know.

Today, I am hurting for the hopeless.  Our world needs Jesus.


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