Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On my mind today...

There are several things on my mind today (remember, my mind isn't always sane)...

RMI...Today I am working on the 07/08 corporate budget. Pray for wisdom, insight and clarity of mind!

Netvibes... You might want to check this out. For a very long time, I have been a user of My Yahoo to view email, new feeds, track finance portfolios, sports scores, etc... Yes, there are many of these types of portals, MSN, Google, etc etc... Each of these are fairly inflexible, but over the years they have continue to improve in design and functionality. Well, I just came across netvibes, and it might change my life (note hyperbole). From Netvibes..."With netvibes, all your digital life fits in one page. Blogs, news, online videos, podcast, pictures, e-mail: pick your favorite service to create your netvibes page." For a web nerd, this is really cool! I can put a ton of content I look at every day (email, finance, blogs, news of every sort, sports, almost anything) on one page.

Keyboard shortcuts... So, I just came across a new keyboard shortcut that I will use incessantly and I thought I would share it...Windows Logo+E: Windows Explorer. More shortcuts.

Devotions... Today I continued to read McManus's "Uprising". Cool book. He says, "Without Courage we become conformists." How true this is. I don't want to be a conformist, and the way I dress, the car I drive, the house I live in, the stuff I drink, the sneakers I wear, the activities I choose prove it.


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