Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Rant...You know what really frustrates me? When a simple process takes way too much time and energy. Can I just say that everything doesn't always go as planned? I thought wiring funds was easy, but apparently, when international bank accounts are involved, the patriot act is activated, and everything goes haywire. A simple trip to the bank a week ago, that should have been a 15 minute visit, turned into a week long saga of international dialogue. Now, I am not sure who to blame, maybe it wasn't only the Patriot Act, but something sure fouled up the works. Ridiculous. Glad I can help our fields with these sorts of things, but can't I catch a break?

Rave...I love my wife. You know, Becky is just awesome. I know you all know that, but still, it needs to be said. Becky does all of our laundry! Just last night I was watching her (no, I wasn't sitting twiddling my thumbs) do the laundry and I couldn't help but be deeply grateful that she takes care of that. Woohoo!!!

Concept Credit... Wired magazine,


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