Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why Blog?

Great question.  As David Miller recently said on the Mark and Miller Podcast, is this just "verbal vomiting"?   This is one I needed to answer before I took the plunge into blogdom...  I don't know why others do, but here is why I blog...

  • relationship- seems counter intuitive, true nonetheless.
  • dialogue-  2 way
  • influence-  God called us to make a difference
  • community- i appreciate the communal aspects to life
  • conformity-  really? sure, everyone else is doing it, why not.
  • put order in my mind- credit, dorothy
  • exercise-  my creativity, oh yeah, my fingers too
  • accountability-  if I say it here, I will be held to it 
  • supporters- regularly communicate with our support team
  • family-  regularly update my family that seem so far far away
  • personal amusement-  again, credit dorothy
  • document my thoughts-  for the world's amusement.  
  • record my journey- some day, drew and tessa will read this 
  • spiritual reflection

in other words...come join me in my "verbal vomit".


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