Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Diametrically Perspicuous and Profound...

I recently saw this picture on one of the more profound blogs I frequent.  What a perfect analogy to so many areas of our lives.  The concept of the 'slippery slope'  sets itself apart from others in how simple yet deep it is.  I was at my accountability group this morning, and this topic came up.  You know, it really applies to both the positive and negative.  We have to be intentional in our choices.  If I choose to flirt with something, positive or negative, then the consequence is more likely to happen.  If I start watching a show on TV I shouldn't be watching, then I will more likely keep watching.  If I start reading my bible today, I am more likely to read it tomorrow.

If we choose to wet our feet, we have to think critically about the potential reality of taking a full bath. 

Today, I must think about the likely consequences to each of my choices.  Sin doesn't 'just happen'.  Victory doesn't 'just happen'.  Think, think, think, act.


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