Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Is anything free? Yes!

Among others, here are some of my favorite free software titles available online.

Windows Live Writer - Allows offline posting to blogs.  We love it, much quicker and much more functionality then blogger UI. 

Windows Live Messenger-  Yes, we use this a ton.  I use it everyday to communicate with our missionaries overseas.

ccleaner-  clean up your computer.  If you know me, you know I like to be organized.  Clutter, whether 'hard' or 'soft'  is my enemy.  CCleaner cleans up your computer, including the registry!  The registry is a fairly delicate thing, having said that, I have only had success with this program.

spybot search and destroy-  search and destroy spyware.  Immunize against known spyware.  A must!

avg Anti-Virus-  free antivirus for home users.  They have other packages to buy, but they are famous for their free anti-virus package.  I have found it to be an excellent and easy to use tool.

Picasa-  For pictures.  Storing, manipulating (crop, color, fix, redeye, rotate, bandw, etc) and uploading made real easy.

Google Earth-  3d Satellite and mapping program.

TNTMPD-  This probably won't apply to you, but this is an excellent tool for those involved in raising ministry funds.  I, as well as our missionaries use this to track, report, and raise our support teams.  Amazing that this is free.

Any free suggestions that you would have for me?


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