Monday, May 21, 2007

Protecting the Homefront

We are in the middle of Family Month at church.  Yesterday, I taught on preventing attacks.  Here is a list of "deliberate decisions" (See Daniel 1 8-16) that I shared.  This list represents only a sampling of items I have discussed with others over the last month or so.  Here is the point, "Protecting our Families Requires Deliberate Decisions."

  • Eat Dinner as a family every night at the table.
  • No TV During Dinner
  • Vigorously Filter Media Consumption-  For Self and Children.  Only allow what is uplifting
  • Bed Time Routine - For Children, and Adults!
  • Simplify-  We are too busy.  Don't feel the need to be involved in everything.  One extra curricular activity for children is fine.
  • Use Scripture Daily-  Somehow, integrate scripture into your daily routine as a family.  Verse at dinner.  Memorization, etc...
  • Communicate with Kids-  Take son/daughter out at regular intervals.  Breakfast every other month?
  • Never miss church.  There should never be a morning we decide to not go to church because we are tired.
  • Devotions-  For self and as a family.  Start with the family once a week.
  • Filter Friendships-  Who is influencing who?  We are free to disallow relationships with certain individuals to protect ourselves and our kids.
  • Christian School-  Some feel strongly on both sides here.  I don't think all believer's should exit the public system, but it needs to be considered nonetheless.
  • Wife home with Kids
  • Limit Overtime at Work-  If we want to influence our families, we have to be there.  Overtime for a season is understood, but caution is necessary.
  • Regular Date Night with spouse.  Monthly?  Nothing gets in the way of this sacred evening.
  • Regular Family Night-  Nothing gets in the way of this sacred evening.
  • Only be refreshed physically and emotionally from spouse.  Proverbs 5.  If you find yourself desiring to be refreshed elsewhere, than it is time to make some serious changes.
  • Accountability Group-  This might look different for the genders, but a regular diet of intense accountability is necessary.
  • Regularly Serve the Lord-  If you don't have time, you are too busy.

What other ideas do you have.


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