Friday, June 22, 2007

Apparently, I have sinned...

Have you followed the NASA computer problems?  It makes me feel better to know that even NASA struggles...

This week I have been working on 4 laptops, troubleshooting wireless problems, updating software, installing software, cleaning up, etc...  I love these things, but wow they take a lot of maintenance.

I think I learned something this week.  I have to confirm it, but here is the deal.  Disclaimer: Maybe I should have known this?  Did you know then when you buy retail software (as opposed to volume licensing), legally that software licence lives and dies with the first computer you put it on?  Let me say that another way.  Let's say you buy Microsoft Office and install it on your personal computer.  Then, 6 months later you decide to trash and replace your computer with a new fancy computer.  You are not allowed to install that software again, even though there will still only be 1 copy being used.  This comes from a software specialist at Dell.  I am told that this is standard to "most" retail software copyright laws.  Now don't get me wrong, I am very committed to having legal copies of everything.  I want to have integrity, but I have to admit I have never considered this aspect of the software copyright laws. 


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