Thursday, June 28, 2007

The best laid plans of mice and men...

cry Yesterday, I got to Naples, and was working for an hour on computer issues, when my phone rang (I actually had gotten a ton done).  Tessa had been crying uncontrollably for several hours and was throwing up.  Fun!  So, my whole day was thrown up in the air as I had to go pick her up (no chance of Becky leaving her 14 hour shift).  Nothing against the sitter, because something was obviously wrong, but when I got there she was happy as a clam.  In fact, all afternoon and evening she seemed pretty much normal.  Maybe a little fussy, but normal.  She slept all night as usual and today she is normal as well.  Why the crying?  Why the vomiting?  Who knows.  Oh well. 

paycycle In the midst of it, thank goodness for PayCycle.  PayCycle is one of the best moves I made here at RMI.  This service provides automated web payroll processing.  With a little input online each month, they do everything (direct deposit, online pay stubs, monthly and quarterly reporting and tax payments, etc)  Yesterday, right in the midst of a "upside down" day, we had some serious payroll issues that I had to deal with (what payroll issues aren't serious?).  While caring for Tessa, I was able to get online, make some adjustments, and get payroll completed.  If these issues didn't get resolved by 5pm, then all RMI personnel would not get paid on time.  PayCycle came through!!!  If you own a business, check them out.  For an astonishingly low price, they provide an incredible service.


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