Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"Modern" Christianity outdated?

273081tI just finished up the book Velvet Elvis by Mars Hill Pastor Rob Bell.  Warning, this dude is a free thinker!  

Sometimes it was disturbing.  Sometimes it was incredibly freeing.  Sometimes it connected to my deepest doubts.  But I am not sure it provided much salve.  Sometimes it gave me insight into my deepest wanderings.  Sometimes it gave me night terrors, and sometimes it provided the peace of Jesus.

I think this is the point of the book.  We need to be free to be intellectually honest while being biblically grounded in our passionate love for Jesus and Others. 

In response, what am I thinking?  Within modern/post-modern wrangling, we can know Jesus.  Not in a new way, but in a revived way.  Let's not dig up our foundations for the sake of digging.  Let's not crack our foundations for the sake of being real.  But, let's not be intellectually dishonest and pretend our doubts don't exist.  Let's not accept things just because we were told to.  Tradition is awesome, but tradition without thought proves hurtful, debilitating, and incredibly stifling.  Let's be transparent with God and others.  Let's be in intimate fellowship with Jesus and our community.  Jesus wants real people, not religious people.

There is no need to "repaint the Christian faith" (Bell's words), but I think there is need to "dust off, reform and revive our response to the old painting" (my words).

It made me think, and that is good.


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