Friday, June 15, 2007

Today's Activities...

I am in SC, and can I just say it is another world here. 

Yesterday in the airport I walked longer than I ever have in an airport.  Now, I must say, I have walked a long way in Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago (O'Hare and Midway), etc etc.  I know, we have all walked a long way in airports.  The terminal is always the last one.  But yesterday, I walked further than I thought was possible!  I was walking for a long time, when I saw the funniest sign.  It was like a traffic sign you might see on the highway.  it said Terminal A, 12 minutes.  Yeah, it was saying that I still had 12 minutes of walking.  Maybe I am easily amused, but how funny is that?  Probably the best part was that there were 4 escalators and 3 people movers that I had to use on the journey.  The worst part is that only 1 of the 7 was working!

 This morning, I had the opportunity to visit Darrel, Fannie, Francis and Willie.  They were our friendly servers that helped us out.  I learned a few things.  People are really nice in Georgia.  Now maybe that is because I am from the "Cold" North.  Dripping pleasantry is normal.  Very cool.  Waffle House has its own culture.  Really!  It is like stepping into another world.  The other thing I had no idea about was that Waffle House doesn't necessarily major on Waffles.  Their menu is super long.  They claim they sell more steaks than anyone else in the world.  Not sure I believe that, but hey, that is their claim.

I saw this hysterically funny vehicle while driving.  It is a Ford Aerostar converted into what appears to be a hearse.  How ridiculous.  Friends, when I go, please spend a little more for my ride. 


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