Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Combat Zone...

Our 4th of July included Tornadoes, Hair on Fire, and Bloody Eyes.  Can you beat that?  Here is the story.

Some friends of ours invited us down to Fort Myers Beach to celebrate the day, hang out with friends, and watch the fireworks.  Before I get to anything else, we had a great time!

While driving there, we noticed a strange site off in the sky, a tornado!  Yes, I have it on video (let's see, protect the family, or get the video camera?).  I guess it was a waterspout, but wow that was unnerving and cool all at the same time.

When we went down to the beach to watch a fireworks display safely off in the distance, we realized we were walking into the combat zone.  Fireworks are legal in Florida.  They shouldn't be.

We sat on the beach, in the best location as far as we could determine.  Surrounding us were people with hundreds of dollars of stock piles of fireworks.  And, when I say fireworks, I don't mean just fire crackers and sparklers, I mean huge bombs and missiles.  I would say we had at least 3, maybe 4 groups shooting them off within a 100 feet of us.  It was nuts!  I should have listened to the gut feeling I had when we put ourselves in that situation.  Then, everything went downhill really fast.

Apparently, one of the bomb/missiles fell on it side and shot right into our group.  Lots and lots of very bright fire was shot right into us.  I jumped to my feet to protect who I could, and quickly saw that Drew (who was actually sleeping in Becky's arms) had a fire ball in his hair.  I quickly starting hitting his head, trying to put it out.  In the meantime, I apparently hit Becky in her eye pretty hard.  The fire ball went out, and didn't do any harm.  No one was hurt, except for Becky's eye.  I really can't believe that no one got hurt.  It wasn't just ashes falling on us, it was literally a spray of fire balls shot right into our group that "consumed" us.

Once we got home, we looked at Becky's eye and found that I had hit her harder than we thought (she probably knew it, but I didn't).  Her left eye looks really nasty.  The white of her eye, on the left side of her left eye is blood red.  There isn't any white, it is just blood.  If you really want to see it, click here.  Pray that Becky's eye will be ok.  She is trying to go see a doc today.

Here is a video of the combat zone...


What a day...


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