Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Feverish Pace...

paperwork We are working hard today to get ready for vacation.  I have to run to Naples to work on a computer, sound familiar?  Last time I went, Tessa got sick and I had to come home prematurely. So, today I am going to finish the job.

By the way, Internet and phones finally came up on Saturday at around 4 pm for a total outage of 6 days, 138 hours, 8280 minutes, 496800 seconds.  We will be moving to another company.

There seems to be so much that we need to get done before we go.  So many emails to send.  So many projects to finish up.  So many calls to make.  So much packing.  Last night I made the list for RMI, and it was entirely too long!  It is a blessing that Becky is taking care of the list for us personally!

We are going to NJ for 2 weeks.  While there we will spend a week with Becky's family in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania at Lake Harmony.  The following week, will be with my family where I grew up in EHT, NJ.  My little brother Brian is getting married, in Malvern, PA on July 28. 

We can't wait.


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