Friday, July 6, 2007

Men, you accountable?

"Pardon the censure from one so unfit to pass it, seeing the necessity of the case commandeth it." Richard Baxter

In other words, please excuse my warnings and my pride, the seriousness of the issue prompts me to share regardless.

In the last 2 days I have employed some practices that are based upon my convictions. At the same time, I have been soberly reminded by a friends failure of the need to think, and employ these practicies, to avoid adulterous failures. Twice I had to either remove myself from a situation or decline a request that would have put me alone with another woman. Now don't get me wrong, by God's grace I am not saying I was desirous of these situations coming to fruition in any way, but what I am saying is that the Holy Spirit was kicking in telling me to run away before I was tempted in any way. By God's grace, and because of my earlier choices I "ran".

Have you made commitments to protect yourself from adulterous thought practice?

Here are the things that I have put in place.

  • I have thought about it. Before action, always comes thought. I have made a commitment to listen and walk in the Spirit and live a pure life.
  • I will never be alone (car, office, home) with another woman. In certain circumstances it is required, although not as much as one might think. When it is necessary, I will inform/ask Becky for permission if the Spirit allows me to consider it.
  • Accountability- I meet with a group of guys that ask me "my questions". I have developed 5 questions that I need to answer each week that I know will reveal any sin that might be in my life.

What have you done to protect your life from adulterous sin?


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