Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Too Good to be true...

I was wondering why our SunRocket Voip home phone stopped working yesterday.  Now I have my answer.  Apparently, they closed their doors yesterday with no warning. We have been enjoying unlimited local and long distance service through our SunRocket for the last year and a half for about $15/month through SunRocket.    I guess $15/month just wasn't enough.

So what will happen with the annual fee that I just paid them for the next year?  Gee, I wonder.

So what phone service will we use?  I don't know, but it looks like I am forced into doing some research and making an unexpected change.  one thing is for sure, with the prices and services offered, voip, as opposed to landlines, is the only option.  Vonage?  CallVantage?  Packet8?  CallCentric?  ZingoTel?  Speakeasy?  Or any of the other million voip services out there?  Oh, what fun!

Any suggestions?

In the meantime, SunRocket's website is still up like nothing is wrong.  I signed in to my account and forwarded my calls to my cell, and that works.  Go figure!  So, for now, if you call I can pick it up on my cell, but who knows when that will be discontinued.


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