Monday, August 20, 2007

Hurricane Dean, and Hurricane Drew...

after dean 0012 Our Missionaries in Haiti are safe after Hurricane Dean.  This picture is from our missionaries in Haiti Tom and Karen Ferris.  Our missionaries Billy and Debbie Moses wrote on their blog, "We are doing great! Dean got about 100 miles from us. The hurricane force winds extended out about 60 miles so we were spared by about 40 miles. We had some leaves and branches down and a little rain. Other than that, big bad Dean didn't do much. I think his focus is on the Yucatan." 

It seems that Dean will go north of Becky and our missionaries in Guatemala.  You can bet I am watching closely, but no worries at this time.  Good thing Becky has a rain coat though.

IMG_0043 I picked up Drew from nursery yesterday and quickly realized that the side of his head (temple area) was really swollen.  No one knew what happened.  Kids are kids.  We came home and got some Benadryl in him because it appeared it may have been a bug/spider bite, and not from a hit on the head.  It didn't really get much better.  This morning, the swollen area has moved down, more around his eye.  I called the doc, and they said to watch it and bring him in if it get's worse, or is red and hot.

Giving Drew medicine has been impossible.  He wants nothing to do with it.  And I mean nothing, no pleading, begging, bargaining, or mandating works.  So, I am left to pin him down and force it.  No fun, for he and I.  Think giving a pill to a cat/dog...  Pin them down, put the medicine deep in their throat, hold their mouth shut so they can't breathe while stroking their throat until they swallow.  Yup, that's a pretty accurate description.


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