Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just Heard from Becky

Just got off the phone with Becky.  I miss her.

The team arrived in Guatemala yesterday afternoon, and arrived in Quetzaltenango, or Xela (Prounounced Shayla) at 7:30 local time (9:30 eastern).  That's 14 hours of traveling!  Today was a day of prep.  They spent time in devotions and then spend time repacking and organizing their medical supplies so they are ready for the clinic.  They also got some Mam (Mayan) culture help from a local.  They went to the market this afternoon. 

All the team members are doing great and having a great time.

They leave tomorrow morning after breakfast for Chipel, the location of the Sister Church. 

Keep praying!  By the way, if you didn't respond to Becky's email about praying for her, then you did not receive her prayer guide.  It is available here.


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