Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I heard from Becky.  She and the team are going great!  Monday's medical clinic treated 35 patients (the max that they could handle).  During VBS, 4 kids came to Jesus.  My understanding is that more came forward, but these 4 seem real genuine.

Drew is good.  The swelling in his eye has gone down to being barely noticeable.  I think it was a bug bite of some sort.  I guess the drug wrestling was worth it.

Today will be busy at RMI...  I will continue to work on some "systems" that will help us facilitate our Sister Church Relationships.  I will continue to work on designing new receipts.  The process of  communicating with our constituents is about to change dramatically.  So today's task list includes Pre-Trip Admin Tickler, receipting redevelopment, and web development.

Have a good day!


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