Saturday, September 29, 2007



I love baseball.  I think I surprise Rob all the time with what I know about baseball.  So nothing thrills me more than to see that the Cubs clinched the National League Central title tonight!  Post season playoffs, here we come! 

chicago-cubs What's even more exciting is all the teams in the race for a playoff spot in the National League.  It just makes for great baseball.  And after the way the Cubs began the season, the fact that they are going to the playoffs is even more exciting.  And just to quiet those Red Sox fans out there reading this blog (congrats on clinching the AL East tonight), the Cubs have the 2nd best record in baseball since June 23rd-- those hated Yankees are the only team with a better record.

But tonight I am missing my Dad.  You see, his beloved Phillies have come from far behind, winning 12 of the last 15 games to take the lead in the NL East for the first  time all year, with only 2 games left. He would have been so excited.  Baseball was one of those loves that we had in common.  Of course, growing up, I decided I was going to be  a Mets fan, not a Phillies fan!  Moving to Chicago changed that.  How could you ever go to Wrigley field and not be a Cubs fan for life?  My Dad didn't care-- he just loved baseball.  Our last game together was a Cubs/ Phillies game a few years ago.  It was just after he was diagnosed with cancer and it is a memory I will cherish forever.

Dad, I miss just talking baseball with you!  Can you believe my Cubbies won the NL Central after the way the season started out?  I'm psyched that the Phillies are in first place!  Can you believe how the Mets have imploded on themselves in the last few weeks?  What an exciting end to the baseball season!  Wish you were here to see it.  I miss you.



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