Friday, September 21, 2007

web 2.0?

image I have been working on  RMI's new website for quite some time.  It is finished...well, websites are never of the goals, one of the many, is to have a constant flow of new information.  In my opinion, static websites don't cut it...

So, I think we have created a place that allows for that constant flow.  I have incorporated into the sites pages that will constantly be updated.  This is not earth shattering, but it is new for RMI.  I have incorporated blogs from each field (INTL Office in FL, Haiti, Guatemala) and from each missionary.  It may not be uber web 2.0, but it is a step toward social networking.  I wanted to create a way to link RMI's family.  If RMI were a wheel, there are many people groups that would be the spokes, holding the wheel together. (family, friends, supporters, potential supporters, team members, missionaries, board members, churches, potential all of the above, etc etc).  The goal is to have a place that serves each and every one of these.

So, we have a ways to go, and I have some ideas floating around that would add to what I have completed, but the new site has finally been rolled out.

Not in addition to, but very much apart of, is is our new logo and color scheme.  After much work, and I mean MUCH, our new logo and color scheme is rolling out.  We are pretty excited.  Remember the old burgundy or maroon logo with swishes?  It is gone.

You will begin to see newly enhanced receipts, new publications, new brochures, new...

RMI is moving forward...


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