Monday, October 8, 2007

Another very cool freebie...

Maybe you are a long time user, I don't know, but I just came across a very nifty screensaver that I think most of you will love...

Google Screensaver....

Display photos from your PC and photo sharing sites

Stay connected to friends and family with photo feeds

Watch cinematic slideshows with the new Pan & Zoom transition

Flip through photos with easy on-screen controls

So this is what I have done.  If you have been to my house, you know that we have our computer in our living room, granting us the opportunity to use our monitor as a revolving digital picture frame.  This is not earth shattering.  But, along comes google screensaver.  You can display photos from anywhere, including rss feeds!  So, right now, I am displaying photos from my favorite photo feeds, my bro in Nebraska, one our our missionaries in Guatemala, as well as my albums online.  The screensaver pulls from the latest feeds and constantly displays an assortment of their most recently posted pics.  This way I have a constant pictorial feed of my family and friends lives.  Now, this does require access to feeds, I have not found rss feeds for snapfish albums (argh).   But many of the online photo sharing sites (flickr, Photobucket, kodak Gallery) are providing feeds.  So far, I am only running feeds from my favorite online picture host, picasa web albums.

Very cool.


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