Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maybe you will learn something about me...

You'll have to click on this to read it most likely, but check it out...too funny...

I am addicted to....

  • Jesus (I am a collaboratively proclaimed/declared Christ follower)
  • Becky (sweety, you mean everything to me!  Lately it has been hard to connect much due to kids, traveling, work, etc.  But the reality is, there is no one on earth I would rather hang out with.)
  • Drew and Tessa (They are just so darn cute!)
  • The Internet/email/blogging (shocking, huh?)
  • Photography (More Recently, don't really know why, but I am having trouble controlling my desire to pick up the camera)
  • Coffee (mmm, recently hazelnut dunkin donuts brewed at home.  Their slogan is, American Runs on Dunkin.  Let's be honest, America Sits on Dunkin)
  • Creating a Paperless Society (pens are only useful for stirring my coffee)
  • Free Stuff (maybe I should just say google)
  • Leading (Lord, use me!)
  • People (yes, sometimes they are very difficult, but every ounce of who I am loves fellowshipping with people.)
  • Self (sadly)
  • Cubs (it is sad, I still visit their web site daily)

So what are you addicted to that maybe I didn't already know about?


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