Friday, November 2, 2007

Decision Made...

I am not going to Haiti, at least not today.  The Arlington team is not going at all, because the road is just not passable.  Not only is the river enraged and impassable, but the road itself has been taken out in 3 locations.  So, there is no chance in getting the team out to their sister church.

I may still go for a few days next week, maybe on Monday or Tuesday, to work with our bookkeeper down there.  No decision on this yet.

For the RMI blog post (letter from Dan, more pics and details), click here.

Here are some more pics.  Click on them to see a few more pictures.

  Here is one of our vehicles coming through a river/waterfall.

These boulders came down and blocked a mountain road. Note the "Flood Line" on the house in the background!


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