Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Free tool that has changed my life...

I have used gotomypc for a very long time.  It allows remote control access to computers.  For instance, I regularly pull up my home desktop at my office.  I have often used it to pull up my bookkeepers monitor at home to troubleshoot.  Very cool.

But, I have made a switch.  I dropped the fairly expensive gotomypc like a lead balloon in favor of logmeinlogmein is free!  It also gives me some features that fit my needs much better.  Chat, Whiteboard, laserpointer, add many computers to one account, easy, secure, etc... One limitation is that the free version does not allow transfer of files from the remote computer to the host computer, but I find that I don't really need that.  gotomypc is certainly a more robust option, but I just don't need those additional options.  Plus, free is almost always better!

logmein The best part is that I can install logmein on all of rmi's computers so that anytime I need to, I can pull up their computer screen and provide support.  Here is a screen shot.  I haven't gotten everyone installed yet, but soon I will.

One example is that I have been working with Chrissie Coreano in Guatemala on their field bookkeeping.  So, when she has a question, I just pull up her screen and work away.  Very cool.

What  a huge help to my ministry.


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