Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I miss Wawa!

IMG_0006 If you haven't lived in South Jersey, you don't understand, you can't understand, so don't try.  If you have lived there, you immediately "get it" and agree with me.  It is a culture in it's own rite.  it is a lifestyle that I miss.  Somewhere between redneck and yuppy, but by self admission more redneck .

What is Wawa?  Well...Don't ever compare it to 7 Eleven, I will be personally offended and get in your face.  It is a small convenience store that represents home.

It has been said, Wawa is...

"wawa makes my life. its my indulgence, and i would be nothing without it." erin

"its not a deli...its a lifestyle" jon

"The deli that will change you forever upon entering. The deli that has served me for 18 years of my life. I love wawa and i'm in withdraw without it." alfonso

This past Sunday a friend brought 2 of these travel mugs as a gift for Becky and I from their recent trip to NJ.  Now, everyday, on my way to work, I get to drink from my Wawa mug.  Thanks!

I miss "home".


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