Thursday, January 3, 2008

Daddy, it's very cold...

Last week it was 85 and we were on the beach.  This morning we woke up it was 29.  Drew and Tessa are very confused.  Drew asked me to turn on the wipers in the car because it was so cold.  He just doesn't know what to make of this cold.  Drew was so cold this morning, that without any prompting from us he put socks on his hands for gloves.  Their sweatshirts are not really cutting the cold.

Here are some pics to show how cold it is...  Why is there ice?  Well, the sprinklers systems came on.  Yes, we are still sprinkling and mowing.  Thank goodness that this afternoon will be back up into the 60's and by Sunday it will be back up into the 80's.

Don't you feel bad for us?

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