Friday, January 25, 2008

Paternal Prowess...

I love being a Daddy, but it doesn't always go smoothly...

While Becky has been working the last 2 days, (Wednesday night and Thursday day), I had more responsibility for the kids.  Wednesday night I took the kids to church and then home to bed by myself and then the following morning I got them ready and got them to the sitters by myself.  Here is a quick report with special attention to my fatherly prowess.

We got all the way into church (no small distance at a church the size of ours), late I might add, and I realized I left one of their bags (with sippy) in the car.  Argh.  Going through the line for dinner (cafeteria style) was manageable at best.  But then carrying the tray with 3 plates including drinks while pushing a stroller and pretending to be a sheep dog keeping drew heading in the right direction while greeting others was a challenge.  Thanks to Jason for the pat on the back to say hi while I was walking, that almost sent our dinner to the floor!  As soon as we schlepped all the way to the other side of the room to eat and sat down, Drew announced he had to go pee pee.  I probably should have thought of that first.  Perfect timing as always.  I left Tessa with someone I knew (sort of, Lord forgive me) and took him.  Don't tell anyone, but I almost didn't wash his hands, but then realized he would tell the whole table that he didn't wash his hands, and that wouldn't have gone over well.  Oh, the glass menagerie we live in!  Yeah, I remember, cleanliness is next to godliness.  No problem.  Then, getting them to eat was a saga in and of itself.  Only French Fries and Lemonade for Tessa, oh well, at least she ate something.  Dropping them off to nursery was a fiasco.  Beepers, tags, signing in, getting bags out of the car, clingy Tessa, I didn't do well....  wow...

Then yesterday morning I apparently took drew to the sitters with no underpants on!  The sitter was obviously very confused and convinced of my fatherly prowess.

I am trying, but I have a lot to learn!  Thank goodness for an amazing Mommy that keeps the kids and I under control!

Anyone feel my pain?


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