Monday, January 14, 2008

This past week...

I have been so inconsistent in blogging these past few weeks.  I guess I would have to say that when you become burdened, some things of less importance tend to fall off the radar.   This past week or so was full of...

Being sick, yuck

CES Overload (Not to Mention Engadget)...I love gadgets, but can I just say there is so much useless gadgetry out there!?  The good things I saw were Flytunes!  Radio for the iPhone and I saw a note saying that finally 3rd Party apps coming ton iPhone in Feb.

Computer Headaches.  We bought a new computer.  Our old one just crashed too many times.  I ran out of Band-Aids!  We bought a refurbished dell that is working nicely.

Politics.  I have been following, and have watched all of the debates.  Some day I will comment more, but that is for later...  Let's just say that politics both interests me and irritates me.  Then again, isn't that the same for all of us?

Church.  It was great to be at church yesterday.  I love the community of our Sunday School Class.  I love "Worship in the Hall".

Bookkeeping.  I am temporarily doing the bookkeeping for RMI.  Pray for sanity, patience and an extra 4 hours in my day.

Today I get back on the wagon in terms of beating my addiction, food.


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