Monday, February 4, 2008


We have been working on potty training here for what seems like forever.  A week ago, I would have told you that Drew was pretty much completely trained.  There was only the occasional accident, he was sleeping in underwear and even going to church in underwear.  All that seemed to change on Tuesday.  Since Tuesday, he's had at least 2 accidents everyday!  So frustrating!  I'm convinced it's just laziness.  So today, I told him that every time he stayed dry, he could have some yogurt raisins and every time he had an accident he was going to get a time out.  So far so good.  Once, instead of getting yogurt raisins, he asked if he could have a lollipop for staying dry.  I have a little stash of dum-dums so I said yes and let him pick one out.  I watched him take it onto the lanai.  A minute later I look over and he is sitting at the table, hands folded, singing his prayer song:

"Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus,

For my lollipop, for my lollipop,

And my many blessings, and my many blessings,

Amen, Amen."

It was music to my ears!  At Drew's age (almost 3), I feel like there are more failures than successes between potty training, disciplining, sharing, etc...  That little tidbit was hope that he  just may be "getting it" and was encouragement to me  to keep on working hard at all the rest.  He might just turn out okay after all!


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