Monday, March 17, 2008

I have the gift of discernment...

I love Milk.  That is, freezing cold fresh milk.  I have this thing about milk that isn't quite fresh.  Pretty much, it has to be almost as cold as ice, and it has to have been just opened.  I truly believe that milk over 2 days old is simply 2 many days old.  It just isn't drinkable any more.  I think I have the gift of milk discernment, Becky thinks I am downright foolish.

Becky seems to think that you can still drink until like a week after the "good until date" as long as it isn't bad.  I don't agree, that date is for those people that don't have any taste.  Just because the date is still "tomorrow", it doesn't automatically mean the milk is still good.

The smell of milk over a couple of days old is just wrong.  Warm milk should be outlawed.  Milk that has been opened for any length of time has that crusty dry milk under that cap that contaminates the "good" milk when you simply unscrew the cap.  Pretty much, milk over a couple of days old is pretty much cottage cheese.  And don't get me started about cottage cheese!!!

So, I was so excited when I came across this post.  Finally, researchers have created a sour milk alarm.  Basically, a small 'widget' floats in the milk.  The widget will vibrate if the milk is undrinkable.  The thought is that supermarkets will install these systems and milk can get tested before you buy it.  I hope they hurry up with the home version.  I just know the 5 day old milk in our fridge, technically still easily in the safe date range, has started growing Staphylococcus Aureus.  Now, I must say I am still a little concerned.  My tester will have to have a pretty low tolerance for "unfreshness."

Milk, it does the body good, as long as it is 33 degrees and only a day or 2 new.


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