Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grandpop Brower

Well, it's been way too long since we've blogged.  Much of that is because we went away for a last minute week-long trip to NJ two weeks ago.  It's been hard getting back in the groove of things since we've been back.

Our trip was last minute because my Grandpop Brower passed away early in the morning on Palm Sunday.  We were able to go and stay thru Easter.  My Grandpop had entered Hospice care a few weeks before, so we knew the time was near.  A week before, I had talked to my Grandmom.  She was pretty strong through it all, but just seemed sad.  Not sad for him, for she knew his future was with God in heaven, but sad for herself.  She told me she was really going to miss him.  Then she said something I will not forget.  She said, "We grew up in the Lord together..."  My grandparents were married 63 years.  They did not come from Christian families and were saved around the same time in the early years of their marriage.  They really did "grow up in the Lord together."  I was a long process.  They weren't perfect by any means.  They had a lot to learn. But what they have ended up with, is a genuine faith.  A faith tested and tried and a God they've found to be faithful and true.  Throughout my years growing up, it was clear to me how much they loved the Lord and served him with their whole hearts.  My Grandpop is walking the streets of heaven right now because of that faith in Jesus!  I like to think my Dad (his son) was there to greet him that Palm Sunday morning.

The services were very nice-- a celebration of his life.  My Grandmom picked out an old, unfamiliar hymn "We'll say Goodnight Here and Good Morning up There" that was special to her and asked if my sister and I would sing it with her at the end of the service.  I couldn't have been more honored to sing it and more proud of  my Grandmom.

He was such a fun Grandpop to grow up with.  I love him with all my heart and will miss him.  But I know he is in the presence of the God he served and loved most of his life.  That is a future I myself look forward to.


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