Saturday, April 19, 2008

PC to Mac update

pc-mac-1I am torn.  Somehow, I don't think I am the only one to feel this way.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I got a Mac.  I have long been encouraged (by my Mac religious and cultic fanatic friends...Gerald, John, Todd, Greg) that I should switch.  Well, Steve Koresh Jobs, here is an update on my conversion experience...

I am not convinced, yet.  I am far from deciding, but I have many reasons to jump, but many reasons not to.

I love the video editing, posting, and ease of DVD production on the Mac.  This is big.

I don't like iPhoto on the Mac.  I can't get past my love for Google's free Picasa (only available on the PC).  It is rumored to come later this year, but we'll see.  I could comment more as to what I do and don't like of each, but to suffice it to say, picasa rocks.

I have set up "Parallels" that allows me to slickly use both Mac OS as well as Windows.  It is really slick, but should I have to do this?  I don't have to run Mac on the PC (then again this is impossible to do as far as I know).  I guess on the Mac I can get the best of both world's.  I have not tried connecting mac os running windows via parallels onto RMI's network.

I tend to be quite postmodern, one of the biggest ways is my love for simplicity.  Mac nails this.  They are so simple, that I struggled for over an hour trying to figure out how to eject the cd.  Now, it is laughable how easy it actually is...  Everything is simple on the Mac.   I think I need a Mac user to help me figure out how things (files and applications) are filed.  Everything is like one click away, as opposed to 7 on the PC, but knowing what to click is not immediately evident to a pc user.

Video Chatting via iChat is sweet.  Then again, my positive experience may be more becuase of the ease of using the built in iSight camera.  Very nice indeed.

I like to be on the cutting edge.  I like freebies.  But, the freebies always seem to come out on the pc first.  argh. 

I just don't know.  I work in a PC world.  Just prior to getting my Mac Becky and I bought a new pc for home.  Hmmm...


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