Monday, May 12, 2008

Fiscally Ferklempt...

Wow, I am really "intuit" now...  the laboratory of learning is in full swing.  Let's just hope that nothing in the lab blows up.

May 1, RMI began using QuickBooks.  This is literally a dream come true.  Hopefully not a nightmare!  We converted from Quicken.  The conversion went well, including all the classes and categories with all the historical financial data.  I am encouraged about that.

I met with our external CPA today, and it went well.  BUT, now the real work begins.  I have a whole lot of learning and a ton of work to clean things up, reestablish our Chart of Accounts, redesign all of the financial systems and processes, connect our donor management software to QuickBooks, figure out reports, etc, etc etc...


One thing's for sure, I am learning a ton, and for that I am grateful.


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