Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Most eventful day in years...

IMG_4380 Today, Wednesday, I got up early and had a sweet time in the Word.  Coffee in one hand, Bible in the other, while watching  the sunrise over a foggy lake was breathtaking.  Psalm 19 has always been my favorite passage to read when surrounded by God's creation.  God is so good.

About 9 am, Becky called with horrible news.  She fell hard, right on her pregnant belly.  Apparently there was some melted ice on our tile floor that sent her down belly first.  She was carrying Tessa at the time.  She was obviously very upset, and I was much too far away (4.5 hours away in Gainesville).  She went right to the hospital and got checked out.  Praise the Lord, everything was ok.  Some soreness, but baby is perfectly healthy.  Thank you to many of you who prayed and called, but specifically to Tammy, Brandy, Debbie and Kelly for being with Becky and helping with the Kids when I couldn't.

Today was a $3000 day. Ouch! I guess when it rains, it pours. 

Our health insurance deductible is $1500.  So, the good news is we will have the baby for free, but that doesn't really help the bank account today!

The car repairs cost $535. 

I had to call the A/C repairmen to come look at our home Air Conditioner. $1000 later, we are cool again.  Freon and a new coil.

IMG_4434 I had the opportunity to ride 4wheelers today.  Here is a picture of the Moses clan.  What fun!


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