Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No Cruise Control, but good BBQ...

I got on the road heading to Gainesville with my rental car.  I had to rent a car (Nissan Sentra) because my car was in the shop. Once I hit the highway, I realized I had no cruise control.  Argh, I guess I was a little too cheap and a little too assuming.  I got an intermediate car, but didn't think to check on the presence of cruise control.  The next 4.5 hours was going to be long. 

Why Gainesville?  Yes, Gainesville is the home of the University of Florida (second largest university in America!), but I was going to meet up for a RMI summit of sorts to reconnect with RMI people and dream together about the future of RMI at our Board Chairman's Camp on a lake.  I met up with RMI President Dan, RMI missionaries Billy and Debbie Moses and their children Savana and McKenna, RMI Board Chairman Billy Byrd and RMI Board Member Greg.  We had a great time reconnecting, evaluation and dreaming together.   Sweet fellowship.

Our chairman's father slow BBQ'd ribs and chicken for hours on this amazing grill.  Oh my, it was awesome.  If you are familiar with Sonny's BBQ, it is a distant second.

We swam in the lake (thank goodness we didn't see any of the local gator population).

We also sat around the camp fire telling stories at night.  We were laughing hysterically almost the whole time.


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