Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Ready to go…


We are getting ready to go.  5 days until baby #3 gets here.  About a month ago we sat down and made a list (aka…a book) of all the things we wanted to get done before the baby got here.

The list was long and we have made great progress! But, the day is fast approaching and time is limited and the list is not done.  Mom and Dad get here tomorrow, so this is my last night to finish up.  Let’s just say that Dad will be helping me on a few things that I didn’t get finished!  Right Dad? (as if he checks my blog!)

This picture is of Becky about a week ago.  I say she is 12 months pregnant.  I also say, “wow, you are huge”.  She isn’t real enthused with that, but the reality is it is the most beautiful big I have ever seen!

I love you sweety!


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