Monday, July 14, 2008

Near Death by Tonsil…

Haitians have a proverb…  Sickness comes in on a horse, but leaves on foot.  Oh how true that is…

Strep Throat is never fun!!!  I was flat-on-my-back sick on Thursday – Saturday.  I have never seen a pair of tonsils so large!  I am not sure what was worse, the swollen and painful tonsils, or the head and body ache and therefore total body exhaustion?   Sunday I started feeling better.  Today is even better, but wow I am still so tired! 

Becky has been amazing.  “12 months pregnant” and she is still going strong taking care of the 3 of us kids.  She cleaned out a closet and then made 3 pans of lasagna the other night!  Every night it is something.  I love her!

Drew woke up with what appeared to be a slight fever.  He was lethargic and whiny, but we hoped it was due to a rough night of sleep.  He woke up twice from nightmares.   It only took an hour at the sitters today for her to call me and tell me he indeed was sick with a fever.   We wouldn’t typically rush to the doctor, but since we have a baby a week away, and I knew of my recent brush with death by tonsil, I took him to the doc.  Yep, after a 5 minute lab test, positive for Strep!  Yuck.  The antibiotics have already started.

We have one more week until the scheduled c-section (and who knows how long if it comes on its own).  Think Tessa will get sick?  How about Becky?  My parents arrive Thursday mid day.

Pray for us!!!


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