Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Haiti Flooding Update from RMI

Friends of RMI…


We are slowly getting reports of major flooding in Haiti.  The flooding is said to be the worst that can be remembered.  Pray for Haiti!  Pray for our missionaries as they help us respond.


For many pictures and regular written accounts right from the field, visit our RMI blog at http://rminethaiti.blogspot.com.  As we are able, we will post updates related to your specific Sister Churches.


Hurricanes and Tropical Storms have been dumping rain on Haiti for quite a long period of time now.  Making matters worse, “Ike” and “Josephine” appear lined up to dump more on them in days and weeks to come.


We will be closely monitoring the situation and will most likely be setting up a plan to help you help the Haitian people in the difficult days that lie ahead.


Please join with us in praying and supporting the Haitian people.


Rob Thompson

VP of Operations

Reciprocal Ministries International

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