Monday, October 13, 2008

Salute to Full Time Moms...

photo Ladies, I couldn't do what you do.  I have always thought that, but today proved it.

It was not a good day.  I have had hard days as a parent, but this one was the worst.  Becky worked 2-10 today.  I had a day off of work, so we canceled the sitter that typically watches the kids from 1:30 until I get home from work around 5:30.  This is not the first time I had all 3 by myself.

Well, it started like 10 seconds after Becky left.  Tessa started sobbing when she realized that Mommy was pulling out of the drive way.  It was no little cry.  Total inconsolable drama queen.  All while I was feeding Braden of course.

Drew was his normal self.  He is a good kid.  Everyone is always telling us how good he is, and I am sure he is.  But, lately, he just can't play with Tessa.  Now, I realize that Tessa is constantly on top of him trying to play with big brother, but come on, he is older and more mature one who should be able to rationally deduce that she is not so mature and therefore he needs to apply patience and grace when dealing with her.  Right?!

All day long, Drew and Tessa took turns receiving red behinds while in and out of time out.  There was just no controlling their selfish sinful way today.  It doesn't help that they were being totally ignored as I had my hands FULL with Braden.

Braden tested my patience, and my Salvation!  It is amazing what you learn about yourself when you are being pushed to the limit of psychological breakdown.  I have felt stress, but today was supremely unique.  He has been getting into a routine lately that led me to believe that I might actually do okay today.  Well, he didn't remotely follow that routine.  He took 15 cat naps off and on all day, between his screaming fits for no reason.  He was just a handful.  I couldn't figure out what he wanted or needed.

You know, it is a good thing love is an act of the will, a choice, rather than a feeling.  If it wasn't, I would be on the road headed north, already hours into my trip away from here.

All 3 kids are down for the night, and to each I whispered a heart felt, I love you softly into their ear as I put them to bed.

My kids Daddy...

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