Monday, November 24, 2008

I am really missing hunting today...

...and therefore I am missing my Father and Brothers as well.  I hate being so far away.  Far away from hunting, and far away from family.  Some of my favorite memories of growing up are in the woods with my Dad and Brothers.  But I have not hunted since leaving NJ (9 Years).  Well, I guess I did go Turkey hunting one day and Snipe hunting another day.  But, I am really in withdrawal. 

Why haven't I gone?

I guess I just don't know the right people with land to hunt.  Most people I know that hunt here in FL lease land, and I can't really afford that.  Having 3 kids too young to hunt doesn't help either.  Maybe it is also because I haven't done the "homework" that is necessary to find land?

I am especially missing hunting right now because of a trip that my Dad took out to Nebraska to hunt with my brother who lives out there.  Apparently, they had an awesome time and proved that buck fever is alive and well.  After the trip, my nephews have gone crazy getting their deer (filling the freezer).  Here are the pics...






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