Friday, November 28, 2008

It's been a rough day...

Becky just doesn't have a clue of what I have to go through...

4 am this morning Braden starting crying.  Of course, I woke up.  He's been sleeping through the nights, but recently he has had a head cold, so his sleep isn't quite as deep.  So, once he was crying for a bit, and we realized that he was not going to go to sleep, I woke up again when Becky got out of bed.  You know, she could have gotten out a little more gentler to make sure I didn't wake up even more.  Then, Becky changed his diaper.  Have you ever heard the Velcro of those diaper tabs at 4 in the morning?  Then, the sounds of the microwave warming up the bottle was enough to keep me from getting back to my sweet dreams.

As I lay there, struggling to sleep, as I was just about ready to doze off, I happen to notice Becky putting Braden back to bed.  Yes, patting his back to lull him to sleep was like a drum.  I mean really, a light patting would have been more considerate.  Then, yep, you guessed it, her re-entry into bed was as if she thought it was a trampoline.  Bounce, Bounce, Bounce.  She then of course had to take the covers from me that I had so perfectly formed around my cold body.

Becky is working today from 2-10.  Can you believe I have had to watch all 3 kids by myself this whole time.  All 3 crying at the same time, Drew teasing Tessa like crazy, Braden crying for no reason (aka a dirty diaper).  Again, Becky just doesn't have a clue.

But, after such a hard day, Drew made it all better.  After I reheated our Thanksgiving left overs, Drew proclaimed "Daddy, you are a good cook!"  That made it all better, because I know that his proclamation had nothing to do with the original cook.

Becky, some day you will come to appreciate me like Drew does!


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