Thursday, November 20, 2008

Welcome to my world of insanity...

High above Bostons Logan International Airport, a Continental Boeing 777 streams contrails near the dissipating tracks of another airliner.

Apparently, Becky doesn't ponder things like I do.  I look at things and ponder them until there is no pondering left to do.  If I am frustrated or trying to figure something out, or simply notice something that makes me curious (just about anything), I turn it over in my head a thousand times, only to start all over again.  Rehashing rehashing rehashing for sometimes days at a time.   My feelings/emotion keep the thought spinning around and around...

Sometimes, the thought is totally brainless and useless.  At other times, it is life altering.  I have several of these going on right now.  Only some of them will I tell you about.  Am I unique?

Maybe this is why Becky can multitask, and I can't?  Becky can't believe I think/feel about things so much.  But, even today, a day later, I had to Google something to figure it out.  My curiosity was killing me. 

Yesterday, on the way to the airport, I made a comment about the lines in the sky left by planes.  I had been thinking about them for days, but hadn't said anything.  Drew noticed them and asked about them.  Maybe I should have known what they were, but I really had no idea....

Maybe I should have known what they are, but I always thought they were a pilot in a specialized plane that intended on leaving a trail for fun.  Is that dumb?

Want to bet Becky hasn't thought about plane contrails today?

So, here is the answer found here.

"They are created by airplanes flying at high altitudes, where the air is below –38 degrees Fahrenheit. Exhaust from airplane engines contains water vapor as well as other gases and particles of soot and metal. When the exhaust is expelled into and mixes with the cold air, the water vapor condenses into droplets, which instantly freeze into tiny ice crystals. What you see from the ground is a dense white stream of ice crystals behind an airplane."

Interesting!  Now my mind is at rest...  yeah right....


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